Innovia Medical Group has announced that production of its Innovia Face Visor is now underway.

The DTR Medical team and colleagues from across the Innovia Medical Group have put in the extra hours in order to make this critical COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available to healthcare workers.

The device, one of the first UK manufactured face visors with CE marking to cope with the pandemic, has been specially designed to provide top, side and front face protection from aerosols and to minimise airborne cross-contamination.

The company’s New Product Development (NPD) department produced samples for functional testing and CE marking approval as COVID-19 PPE. These were then personally delivered to the Notified Body (BSI Netherlands Group BV) and Independent Testing House by Key Accounts Business Manager, Ian David, for fast track approval.

UK production of the Visor began last week at the Swansea site and at Network Medical’s site in Ripon, with both teams working over the Easter holidays in order to build stocks quickly.

The company commented: “We have been overwhelmed by the willing of our employees to switch their usual job roles to production in order to help us support the NHS. A huge effort has been put in across the company with Matthew Franks, Darshan Rana and Ffyon Owens on our NPD team leading UK development of the Innovia Face Visor as well as organising and running the set-up of production lines and supply chains The Easter weekend saw many different departments such as Sales and Marketing join our Cleanroom team in order to make the Visors ready in time for distribution.

“We have complied with regulatory guidelines to help protect our frontline healthcare workers reliably and effectively, and this will help make a real difference in the fight against Coronavirus! We will achieve approval this week.

“Our social media provides regular updates to keep you informed with our progress and other ways that we are here to help.”

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