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The Essential Burn Unit Handbook (Second Edition)

For some time, trainees have been searching for a worthy alternative to the long outdated and out of print Burns: The First Five Days, which used to be supplied free by Smith and Nephew. This pocket sized, reference manual, seems...

A history of the Asia Pacific Burn Association

To accompany his Newsround report on the 12th APBC meeting in the October/November issue, Editor Andrew Burd shares the story of how the APBA was set up.

6th Annual Canadian Burn Conference

The 12th Asia Pacific Burn Congress

British Burn Association Annual Meeting

Emergency Management of Severe Burns Course (EMSB)

British Burns Association (BBA)

Burns: A Practical Approach to Immediate Treatment and Long-Term Care

This is a concise book written with a broad reader base from all clinical backgrounds, aimed specifically at those caring for burns victims. It is worth noting that all the proceeds from sale of the book go to a charitable...