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The Vivacy Loyalty Scheme in a nutshell: great prices for high-quality products all year round. We constantly check our prices across the whole market and we are confident that we offer great value and high quality. There are tiers depending on volume and we publish all of the details so you will always know where you stand.

  • Quarterly Voucher – 5% of the value of your orders in a quarter will be provided to you in the form of a voucher.
  • Annual Voucher – a further 5% of your total annual purchases will be provided to you in the form of a voucher.

Sound interesting so far? We think it gets better. The objective of the scheme is to support clinics to follow healthy business practices. We know you already love our brands but managing cash flow and forecasting effectively is critical to businesses, especially aesthetic clinics.

Did you know that multiple studies of small and medium businesses show that as many as 80% will fail due to poor cash flow. Excess inventory is the third biggest contributor to this according to Copilot.

So, whilst many businesses will wait for good deals to buy stock at low prices this is not ideal as it can lead to:

  • Tying up capital in stock and depleting cash reserves.
  • Creating debt and interest payments.
  • Creating stock management and forecasting issues – product can go out of date.
  • You not having the product you need on the shelf forcing you to compromise the product or buy more. Conversely you may have too much stock of some SKU’s.
  • ‘Topping up’ stock with small volumes at high prices to ‘see you through’.
  • Having to pay the invoice for all the product before you’ve had a chance to earn the revenue to pay for it.

At Vivacy we want to support you to run a more healthy, efficient business, allowing you to respond to your actual needs. Ordering regularly is highly beneficial for your business and doesn’t mean you have to pay extra.
Our new commercial policy allows your business, whatever its size, to have access to high-quality products at great fixed prices without having to wait for deals.

In addition, our loyalty scheme will also reward you for regular orders by giving you back a percentage* of the order value for use on future orders of Vivacy products.

*Terms and conditions apply.



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