The most adaptable platform on the market is the V-SERIES line of devices. This cutting-edge Multi-Technology platform, created to address a variety of skin issues in daily practice, combines cutting-edge technology with outstanding treatment outcomes. The V30, V20, and V10 are among the V-SERIES Multi-Technology platform series. They are all made to provide you with the most advanced technologies and platform solutions that best meet your needs, enabling you to grow your practice as you see fit. The PCR™, SVC™, CORE™, CO-Polar, and RF™ technologies form a solid basis for the V-SERIES devices. V-Series provides solutions suitable for all aesthetic practitioners, from dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, general practitioners, dentists, cosmeticians, and Spa owners. As V-SERIES is continuously developing new technologies and protocols, the benefits of integrating a V10, V20 or V30 into your practice will be quickly realised with increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Every technology can be accessed with a separate handpiece that can be purchased separately. Your treatment options are up to you and your patient’s needs.




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