At AnteAGE, innovation is our cornerstone. We spearhead the evolution of cosmetics by integrating advanced technologies, notably our groundbreaking work with exosomes and synthetic lipid nanoparticles underpinned from our extensive insights into stem cell biology. Guided by world-class experts, we decode the mysteries of aging and how our products work through next-generation RNA sequencing, unraveling the secrets of our award-winning formulations. With a global footprint spanning 66 countries, our products epitomize innovation, delivering potent, well-characterized results that redefine industry standards. From our state-of-the-art Irvine California laboratory, we oversee every aspect of manufacturing, ensuring unparalleled quality control and safety.

The latest in AnteAGE technology is the first ever biomimetic exosome- AnteAGE MDX Biosomes™. As a company, we have never shied away from novel technologies. The willingness to push boundaries has made AnteAGE a leader in the aesthetic space and we continue to innovate for our physician partners around the world. Biosomes™ are a synthetic analog of human derived exosomes, proving to be equally as efficacious and a fan favourite in the treatment room. Recognized by multiple publications and esteemed industry awards, our commitment to innovation, clinical data, and safety drives us forward, shaping the future of beauty.



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