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Building on the successful launch last year of SIAB, the Success in Aesthetic Business team are delighted to announce 3 new events for SIAB.  In conjunction with partners Relife and Inmode, SIAB will be holding events in London, Manchester, and Birmingham.  SIAB will be giving the opportunity for aesthetic practitioners to not only learn from business specialists in the aesthetic field but also give the delegate unique opportunities to ask questions of the speakers about their own specific business.

The format of the day is lectures in the traditional theatre style the first part of the day and then the second part is where delegates have opportunities to ask their own questions about their own business. 

Catering will be provided on the day with the opportunity to network with fellow delegates and speakers.

The events are being held at:
Manchester - Manchester Hall Friday June 23rd 9.30am
Birmingham - Eastside rooms Wednesday 13th September day before BACN Conference starting at 12.00pm  

Speakers include: - Dr Vincent Wong, Dr Dalvi Humzah, Dr Yousrah Ahmed, Sara Cheeney, Dr Raj Thethi, Dr Mayoni Gooneratne, Mark and Alex Bugg, Vanessa Bird, Russell Turner, Taruna Chauhan, Jonathan Bardolph, Vicky Eldridge, Chloe Gronow

Subjects include: - Web Marketing, Web Design, social media, Sales, Digital Marketing, Branding, CQC, Accountancy, KOL development, complications, Business Development, Content Creation, Reception training.

SIAB is joint venture between DSL Consulting Ltd and DH Aesthetic Training set up to provide business education from professional from within the industry and helping new clinic owners the opportunity to take their clinic to the next level.  Launched during the covid years SIAB was one of the finalists for the prestigious best clinic support awards in the aesthetic awards in 2022. The aim of the collaboration is to continue to improve the standard of the business education in the industry and well as providing an opportunity for business specialist to showcase there skills.



To register for the events please contact

E: Danny Large
E: Karen Morley
E: Zara Tyers


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