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Open Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty is a smooth and less traumatic procedure offering precise bone reshaping and controllable long-term results.

  • Very fine and precise osteotomies with no risk of unwanted fracture even on brittle, thin or unstable bones
  • 9 tips designed for ultrasonic rhinoplasty to correct bone humps, asymmetry and narrowing of a wide bony vault by rasping, cutting and drilling
  • Faster recovery and social-life re-integration with less ecchymosis and more natural results

According to Dr Gerbault, “Piezoelectric surgery is a real disruptive technology in rhinoplasty, it allows a paradigm shift in the way of reshaping bones in rhinoplasty. Stable bones can be positioned with an unparalleled accuracy under direct vision and reshaped to achieve a perfect symmetry and smoothness of the bony vault. For the first time in the history of rhinoplasty, a custom reshaping of the nasal bones is easily achievable.”

Better results for the surgeon and the patient, Piezotome delivers unparalleled performance.



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