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The TANIT device combines two innovative technologies to achieve the best results in cellulite and adipose tissue reduction, as well as tissue regeneration. It is the only platform on the market that treats grade I, II, III and IV cellulite and even conditions such as lipedema in a comfortable, effective and non-invasive way*.

The slaag motion handpiece performs mechanical tissue stimulation with its 45 rotating spheres, while the six shape-in 3D pads combine the effectiveness of low-level light therapy (LLLT) 639nm, infrared (IR) 830nm and damped bioactive current (DBC); a unique patented

Novasonix Medical has combined knowledge and innovation to create TANIT, a body treatment device that triggers a biochemical response without thermal effects and uses safe, non-invasive protocols with no recovery time, providing visible results immediately or in the short term for guaranteed patient satisfaction.

Reduction of adipose tissue - Cellulite removal - Lip edema treatment - Lower live body contouring - Circumference reduction - Inch losss - Buttock lift - Flaccidity reduction - Tissue regeneration - Post-partum - Pre and post surgical treatments - Pre and post biostimulation for high metabolic activation treatments - Specialist drainage for lipolysis treatments.

*TANIT is backed by studies published by the scientific community.


Novasonix Medical
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