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Quiet Blue are a functional fragrance wellbeing brand, using clinical Aromatherapy blends for their purposeful candles, reed diffusers and artisanal soaps that are designed to support clinic owners and practitioners provide holistic care for patients.

With an industry shift to longevity and patient care, prioritising client wellness has never been more important.

Quiet Blue’s range of scents targets the symptoms of stress and anxiety with a carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients. These ingredients are chosen for their calming and soothing properties, aiming to provide relief in times of emotional turbulence.

What sets Quiet Blue apart is its commitment to non-toxic ingredients, utilising sustainable soy wax, luxury wooden wicks and avoiding hormone disruptors, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for individuals seeking solace and relaxation in their clinics and practices.

Studies from the Global Wellness Institute found that the wellness economy has reached a record value of $5.6 trillion and it’s forecast to hit $8.5 trillion by 2027. The wellness industry is growing at an exponential rate, and with Quiet Blue, it's not just about alleviating symptoms; it's about fostering a sense of peace and balance for the mind, body, and spirit – perfect for businesses looking to shift their priorities to wellness.

Jackie Stapleton, founder of Quiet Blue said; “We are delighted to be able to offer a range that naturally addresses the challenges of mid-life perimenopause and menopause. As a woman who has suffered with an autoimmune disease for most of my adult life, I have made it my mission to harness the benefits of inhalation aromatherapy in a beautiful, luxury purposeful products. Recruiting a Clinical Aromatherapist to our team to help us develop our range was a game changer, and I am confident the Quiet Blue range is ideal for those facing the common mid-life challenges of hormonal changes.”

The products are currently being sold online at and will be available at selected retailers by mid 2024.



Quiet Blue