The most advanced cryolipolysis technology for full body contouring is called Cooltech Define. It allows a quick operation because it runs at -10° and treats four zones at once, enabling a fast procedure. It’s a non-invasive method that uses regulated temperature to induce apoptosis and permanently eliminate a significant amount of fat cells from treated areas. It offers outstanding efficacy with the 360º cooling plates, which ensure the total contact of the plate with the tissue promoting optimal fat freezing results. In addition, it features nine ergonomic applicators that fit different needs, tissues, and regions. By using the user-friendly 3D diagnostic templates, planning time may be optimized and accurate assessments will guarantee the best results. The templates were designed to elevate your cryolipolysis treatments. With 9 distinct templates perfectly matched to our ergonomic applicators, you can expect precise assessments and streamlined treatment planning. Finally, Cooltech Define includes an automatic massager designed to restore blood circulation after treatment.Transform your Cooltech Define experience and achieve remarkable outcomes in record time with our advanced technology.



Cooltech Define

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