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Forty percent of women will experience hair loss by the age of 50. This can have a profound impact on their mental and physical health, including lower self-esteem, a poor body image, feelings of guilt, problems with sleep and restricting social activities. Studies by Hunt and McHale (2004) have shown that around 40% of women with androgenic alopecia have had marital problems and around 63% claimed to have career-related issues.

Hair loss is common among women, yet discussions around the topic and available treatments are limited. The ‘gold standard’ of treatment for hair loss, Minoxidil, can lead to skin irritation, unwanted facial hair growth and impaired foetal development in females. Similar treatments such as Finasteride is not prescribed to women, due to the negative effect it can have on hormones.


The CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System contains the patented active ingredient PTT-6®, which consists of stem cell-derived exosomes, proteins, growth factors and cytokines which contribute to a 24% increase in dermal papilla cell proliferation and a 30-times reduction in the inflammatory cytokine, TNF-Alpha. The Advanced Hair System is free of side-effects, with results seen in as little as six weeks. The 6x weekly treatments can be applied in-clinic with micro needling or at home with CALECIM®’s supplied Activator.

Dr Munir Somji, Chief Medical Officer and Founder of Dr MediSpa UK, says: “Results are consistent, with regrowth visible after six treatments. It’s safe enough for women who are already suffering from poor health and may not be able to withstand the side-effects of hair drugs, too.”



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