Aerolase Neo Elite® stands at the forefront of dermatological innovation, offering an unparalleled solution for treating all severities of acne. This advanced laser technology features a unique 650-microsecond, 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser energy delivery, targeting acne at its source without the need for topical creams or medications. The Neo Elite ensures safety and efficacy for a wide range of patients.
Unmatched efficacy and patient satisfaction
A new study led by US-based dermatologist Nazanin Saedi, MD, has clinically validated the significant advantages of this laser therapy. Aerolase’s acne solutions are renowned for their high efficacy and patient satisfaction rates. Clinical studies have shown remarkable results:

  • 84% lesion reduction: Patients experience an impressive 84% reduction in acne lesions by the end of their treatment course.
  • 87% continued clearance: At 90 days post-treatment, patients continue to improve, reaching an 87% reduction in lesions, highlighting the long-lasting benefits of the Neo Elite.
  • 90-95% satisfaction: Patient satisfaction rates soar between 90% and 95% during and after treatment, a testament to the comfort and effectiveness of this cutting-edge therapy.

Comprehensive acne treatment
The Neo Elite addresses all forms of acne, including mild, moderate, and severe, by targeting the underlying causes such as excess sebum production, inflammation, and C. acnes bacteria. Its laser energy penetrates deep into the skin to address acne, resulting in clearer skin without the0 side effects commonly associated with traditional treatments.

The Aerolase Neo Elite offers a non-invasive, pain-free alternative to conventional acne treatments, making it an ideal choice for those seeking rapid and enduring results. Empower your patients to embrace the summer with confidence and clarity, free from the burden of acne. For more information, visit today. Together, let’s make this a Clear Skin Summer!


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