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ABG Lab – a US company, developer, and creator of innovative technologies for aesthetic medicine, anti-aging therapy, and skin rehabilitation, has taken Mesotherapy, the minimally invasive injection treatment, to pioneering new levels, by developing a range of intradermal injectables for the cellular renewal of skin, aesthetic facial remodeling and hair loss.

Founded by globally renowned molecular biologist and cutting-edge skincare inventor Dr Elina Tester, the range of next-gen, medical-grade, in-office aesthetic treatments & cutting-edge, anti-aging cosmetic therapies used in clinics around the world includes:

  • The first cosmetic peptide to bestow a flawless complexion by renewing skin stem cells
  • The first non-invasive clinical treatment to stimulate stem cell renewal and skin regeneration
  • The first epigenetic mesotherapy to keep skin cells young, healthy, thriving, and living longer
  • The first facial-remodeling technology to shrink unwanted fat & sculpt a youthful facial contour



ABG Lab’s pioneering mesotherapy treatments include Meso-Wharton P199®, a next-generation breakthrough aesthetic solution for efficient age-reversing skin therapy designed to give the skin radiance and a firmer, flawless, and more youthful appearance by utilizing a multi-faceted revolutionary approach to rejuvenate skin cells. This innovative treatment triggers stem cell renewal of the skin, altering its structure and stimulating fibroblast synthesis of new collagen and youthful elastin architecture for effective extracellular revitalization.  

Meso-Xanthin F199® is the first epigenetic meso injection treatment provides a cellular rejuvenation tonic for fibroblasts and epidermal skin cells. It keeps the cells young, healthy, and operating at peak efficiency. Meso-Xanthin F199® reverses skin cell aging and protects against premature skin cell death by protecting vital intracellular defenses against the damaging effects of sun and chronological aging.

MesoEye C71® focuses on the eye area by effectively treating eye bags, under-eye puffiness, dark circles, and deep crows feet wrinkles. MesoSculpt C71® shrinks facial fat deposits in the chin, jawline, and cheeks to restore a more youthful facial contour, restoring the classic facial triangle of beauty.



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