Revirgination is not the same as hymenoplasty

By Vishwah Prakash and Neeta Garg

The operation called hymenoplasty is requested by women all over the world before marriage if they have engaged in premarital sex. They think that by undertaking the procedure of hymenoplasty they will regain their lost virginity, a theory that is widely accepted by patients and medical professionals. We believe however that hymenoplasty restores the torn hymen but does not regain ‘lost virginity’. Instead, the procedure of revirgination is undertaken to restore all changes in the genitalia which occur following recurrent intercourse, including hymen restoration by hymenoplasty, correction of looseness of the vaginal vault by vaginoplasty, and correction of labial flare by bulbospongioplasty.


As previously stated hymenoplasty is the procedure to restore...

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