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We were delighted to interview Dr/Professor Wang Xiaolu, Founder and Chair of the International Medicine of Anti-aging & Aesthetics Congress (IMAAC ZIYALAN), about her background and plans for this year’s congress.



What motivated you to participate in international medical aesthetics education?

Could you highlight some achievements so far?I have been a professional ophthalmologist and one of the earliest in China to apply and promote refractive correction technologies. In this role, I absorbed many advanced concepts and technologies from around the world, sowing the seeds for my in-depth exchanges with global peers. Later, I started my own business in the medical aesthetics field. Under the concept of international exchanges and cooperation, I established ‘Sun’, a well-known Chinese medical aesthetics brand. Numerous academic and technological achievements from all over the world were applied by Sun. However, I found that there was a huge gap between China’s medical aesthetics industry and the international market. Therefore, I founded IMAAC ZIYALAN in 2016 with the support of many Chinese medical aesthetic colleagues. Our goal is to introduce more cutting-edge international academic insights, technologies, and products into the vast Chinese market of over 1.4 billion people. Through frequent and high-quality academic exchanges, we aim to drive the high-quality development of China’s medical aesthetics industry.

So far, the most significant achievement is that our original intentions are gradually transforming into reality. By organising six consecutive sessions of IMAAC ZIYALAN, we have gathered over 50,000 experts, scholars, and practitioners from more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. We are shaping a more open Chinese medical aesthetics market and introducing more advanced concepts and technologies to China’s medical aesthetics industry.

What has been the best piece of advice you received in your career? What advice would you give to younger colleagues?

At the beginning of my career, I faced many clinical challenges and was often at a loss due to relatively poor technological competence at that time. I was suddenly enlightened when a senior colleague reminded me of the phrase, “A pool is clear and cool for freshwater coming from the source.” This line comes from a poem produced by an ancient Chinese scholar 800 years ago, emphasising the importance of seeking knowledge at the source to stay refreshed. So, I embarked on a journey of continuous learning and exchanges and constantly improved myself by allowing new ideas to challenge my understanding.

Now, I will also pass on this advice to younger colleagues, “A pool is clear and cool for freshwater coming from the source.” Don’t be limited by your existing thinking modes. Explore different markets, learn from the experience of various people, and discover more wonders along the way.

What has been the most exciting development in your field over the past decade?

It must be the accelerating transformation of academic achievements and advanced technologies in laboratories to clinical applications. Meanwhile, the scientific evolution of industry regulations is noteworthy. The combination of the two factors accelerates the steady growth of the anti-ageing medical aesthetics industry. This progress enables the provision of safer and more effective anti-ageing solutions for customers, while also promoting technological advancements.

Do you enjoy your role as the Chair and Executive Chair of IMAAC ZIYALAN?

Undoubtedly, medical aesthetics is the career that I love. I am deeply honoured to work with my colleagues in dedicating ourselves to building a larger platform for exchanges. We aim to assist more doctors, institutions, and brands in conducting in-depth exchanges and reaching cooperation, ultimately driving the global medical aesthetic industry’s development.

The 7th IMAAC ZIYALAN will be held in Xi’an from 30 June to 2 July 2024. Can you briefly introduce the congress?

IMAAC ZIYALAN will be held in the ancient city of Xi’an for the first time. The rich historical and cultural heritage in Xi’an will add more humanistic charm to the congress. Moreover, we believe that global advanced medical aesthetic concepts and technologies will have more application opportunities in Xi’an due to its unique geographical location in the hinterland of China and even Asia.

The congress will hold forums on aesthetic surgery, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, anti-ageing, sexual medicine and intimate anti-ageing, regenerative medicine, hair regeneration, aesthetic consultation, and marketing and administration. Renowned global experts and scholars will be invited to deliver speeches, engage in academic exchanges, share experience, and present the latest achievements in anti-ageing medical aesthetics. The congress will also hold a product exhibition and establish a trading platform for anti-ageing medical aesthetics.

Does IMAAC ZIYALAN have any other academic activities this year?

Sure. Our academic exchange activities are ongoing. After the 7th IMAAC ZIYALAN is held in Xi’an on 30 June this year, we will host the 8th IMAAC ZIYALAN in Shenzhen in November. We aim to leverage the international academic exchange opportunities offered by the congress, Shenzhen’s advantages in the medical device industry, and the market advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. This will help continuously introduce higher-quality medical aesthetics resources to China, provide a larger market space for the introduction of advanced technologies and products, and promote the internationalisation of China’s medical aesthetics industry.

At the same time, we are actively encouraging Chinese medical aesthetic practitioners and products to participate in more international exhibitions and academic conferences through study tours and visits. We hope to engage in deeper exchanges with more global counterparts.

Lastly, how do you like to relax in your spare time?

My greatest hobby is reading. It allows me to transcend time and space, communicate with different people, and experience various lives based on their feelings and experiences. It enables me to briefly step out of my busy work life and give my mind a refreshing massage.


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