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The PMFA Journal team were delighted to chat to Dr Michael H Gold, President of the 9th 5CC Congress, about this year’s meeting.


Dr Michael H Gold.


What is the theme or focus of the 2018 congress?

The 5CC meeting (Lasers and Aesthetic Medicine on 5 Continents) was established to be one of the premier global meetings on everything that is pertinent in the field of aesthetic medicine. We are proud that we have been instrumental in developing programmes that allow new techniques and technologies to be introduced, and in 2018 the 5CC will showcase new medical devices which have an incredible effect on our patients. We will also focus on what’s new in the world of injectables – a field that has grown and blossomed with many new fillers and new toxins being introduced for us to use. We will have detailed sessions on practice management and on specific newer and engaging topics such as scars and scar treatments and on feminine rejuvenation and what’s new in this emerging aesthetic field. The 5CC provides learning opportunities for everyone interested in learning the latest from worldwide experts that we invite to participate with us.

Is there a specific highlight that you would recommend to delegates?

Delegates in 2018 can look forward to a more complete programme, where they can learn techniques not only in lasers and energy-based devices, but also in the field of injectables which we intend to have a larger role this year. We will be using satellite transmissions into the Centre Convencions Internacional de Barcelona CIBC to help teach techniques and pearls on how to use the products being demonstrated – all by some of the most accomplished physicians from all over the world. Over 120 faculty help give us a global perspective on everything that is aesthetic and we constantly hear that participants learn so much from hearing experts from all over the world. The main highlights are going to be learning new techniques and procedures that can be easily adapted into one’s clinical practice.

Is the faculty for 2018 as impressive as in previous years?

The faculty at every 5CC builds on the ones before it. We are always amazed that our faculty wants to come back year after year – a true credit to what we have established. And we bring in new, bright faculty every year to complement and to grow this incredible group.

Why do you think it is important for practitioners to attend events like this?

The 5CC is one of the not-to-be missed meetings of the year. In the setting of an incredible city, Barcelona, in the beautiful venue of the CIBC, this meeting has something for everyone. Whether one is laser or energy-based focused, we have every aspect of this covered. If one is interested in scars and scar therapy, we will delve into this topic with new concepts and ideas. If one has social media interests, we will cover this in great detail. And if someone has feminine rejuvenation patients and interests, one will learn the best of the best in this field as well.

We have everything covered and tracks for participants to truly learn from the best faculty anywhere.

Personally speaking, what are you most looking forward to at this year’s meeting?

I am looking forward to another successful 5CC event. What started as an idea has blossomed into one of the best meetings in the world. I love watching the interactions between the faculty and the participants. I also love watching the exhibition hall, full of eager clinicians wanting to learn the latest that our industry colleagues have to share with them. And working with my friends, that is the best it gets in our business and we have all become one very close family at the 5CC.


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Michael H Gold

Medical Director, Gold Skin Care Center, Tennessee Clinical Research Center, Nashville, TN USA; Congress President of the 14th 5CC World Congress in Barcelona, 1-4 September 2022 -

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