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We hear a lot about how to manage our medical aesthetics businesses / private medical practices. Everyday there are at least five emails from social media marketing companies telling us how they can get us on the first page of Google better than anyone else, multiple cold callers telling us how they can strategise better than we can and countless sales and marketing experts trying to sell us the ‘next big thing’.

Navigating this requires some savvy business acumen, a clear direction of travel, a robust business strategy and someone steering the ship who knows where they are going. Of course, business and management qualifications and experience are vital to do this well, but is that all there is? Can you reach your full potential on business strategy and clinical skills alone? What else is there to uncover? What missing pieces are there to find? This article is an exploration of the mindset behind a brilliant business brain and the tools we can all learn and practice to make us stronger, calmer, more focused, brilliant versions of ourselves.

Becoming hot property (raising your vibration)!

It’s extremely easy to be pulled into the mundane, everyday task-focused perspective of running a business. Just following the drill of what’s in the diary or on the to do list can become the daily normal. When this happens, we can find ourselves being pulled down, becoming stressed, tired, feeling drained and over-stretched. Whilst caught up in this wheel of hard work, time-management and ever-increasing demands it’s easy to forget that what we experience within, we radiate to others. It is this radiation which becomes a magnetic force within our business and clinical world. We must remember though, magnetic forces work on two opposing polarities, factors which attract and those which repel from the central point. It is our attitudes, approach and beliefs which form the basis of our ‘vibration’ and this is what will repel or attract business, people and circumstances towards or away from us. Metaphysical concepts have been researched for many years and whilst for some, certain concepts may feel a little ‘woo-woo’ and very unbusinesslike, when taken back to basics, many of the concepts are largely based on common sense backed up with research-based evidence.



In 2018, Albina undertook a qualitative-quantitative quasi experimental study to assess the impact that gratitude has on overall happiness [1]. He concluded that positive thinking and gratitude are conduits through which happiness is attracted; it is the principal of what you focus on you get more of. Equally ‘string theory’ (as discussed by Main in 2019) shows that everything is constantly vibrating at an atomic level [2]. Sinatra et al. discuss how organisms vibrating at a low level indicates disease and being in a high vibrational state demonstrates health. In humans, when our vibrational level is low, we project and attract negativity, anger, animosity, blame and low mood. However, if we elevate our vibration we project and attract happiness, positivity, opportunity and thus create for ourselves a more abundant life both on a business and personal level. This translates into our clinical businesses insomuch as a low vibration will likely repel new opportunities whilst those functioning at a higher vibrational level will attract them. This doesn’t just hold true within the business or clinical environment either. Developing a higher vibration creates ripples in the pond which reach into homelife, family, friendships and a person’s relationship with themselves.

Achieving this is deep work; it requires focus, commitment and developing a practice of resonating at a higher vibration, but yet again, this is essentially common sense. The harder you work, the luckier you can become! There are numerous daily tools you can use to lift your vibration, however an excellent place to start is simply with mindfulness gratitude. This can take various forms but needs to be consistently undertaken as, at least, a daily practice, and ideally it should be something you revisit several times a day.

A simple starting point would be to begin your day with some positive thinking:

  • Today is going to be a good day.
  • This morning I am grateful for X, Y, Z (make a list, ideally written down).
  • Take some time to notice and be grateful for your environment; can you hear birds singing, what can you see that is beautiful, etc.?
  • Notice the people in your life and consider what you appreciate about them.

Documenting these thoughts is powerful, it also provides a reference point to refer back to throughout the day without having to start again. Taking just five minutes each morning to go through these thought processes, if done consistently and habitually, will have a huge impact on the lives and businesses of those who make this a practice. Even just thinking this process through will have a positive impact for those who don’t have the time or desire to write things down.

Mental health is becoming more and more topical within our workplaces. This is just one of the tools which can help with resilience, positivity and success, couldn’t we all use more of that!



1. Albina AC. The law of attraction: positive thinking and level of gratitude towards happiness. CMU Journal of Science 2018;22(1):15-22.
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Tracey Dennison

Trainer and Mentor, East Riding Aesthetics & Wellness; Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, the British Menopause Society and the British Society for Lifestyle Medicine.

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