Event Details
Date: 9 February 2024

Location name: London, UK

Location address: Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
London N1 0QH

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Report by Dr Sam Robson, Founder of the Temple Clinic.

Menopause in Aesthetics is an innovative conference focusing on the role of aesthetics in managing the menopause. The event took place on Friday 9 February at the Business Design Centre in London. From hormones and intimate health to longevity and lifestyle, MiA brought together a multidisciplinary faculty with a line-up of expert speakers including Dr Shirin Lakhani, Miss Sherina Balaratnam and Dr Ginni Mansberg.
MiA presented a comprehensive agenda relating to perimenopausal patients, ranging from safeguarding when performing intimate treatments, to treating menopausal skin. With the majority of my own patient demographic being perimenopausal, this conference provides the best, evidence-based support. By addressing ageing from both inside and out, you can provide a more holistic and effective service.
Dr Nichola Conlon’s talk on NAD+ was inspiring, revealing that although a woman ages nine years in the first six months of menopause – this ageing can be reversed. I now encourage patients to try NAD for themselves.
Beyond all this education, the opportunity to network and create connections is really what makes Menopause in Aesthetics special. Even though there is the opportunity to watch the event Live virtually, it was worth the long commute. Connecting with some of the 45 exhibitors, who provide equipment and products that can support my practice, provided an invaluable opportunity to discover what is new and worth investing in!
Coming along to MIA, I feel that the conference consolidated my knowledge as well as giving more context. It was also beneficial to hear the varying opinions of the keynote speakers, even if they did not always align with my own. I relish having professional colleagues challenge my own beliefs since this encourages me to consider alternative perspectives and enhances my understanding and knowledge.
I look forward to Menopause in Aesthetics 2025 and anticipate the new pathways to be announced.

Menopause in Aesthetics 2025
Friday 7 February 2025
London, UK

Early bird tickets are available for a limited time only on www.menopauseia.co.uk