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Date: 17 September 2021

Location name: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Location address: Room GENEVOIX, Grimaldi Forum

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Candela Corporation was one of the numerous companies who took part in the 19th edition of the world’s leading conference on Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine (AMWC) from 16-18 September in Monaco. During this international meeting, Candela held a workshop on the combination of different technologies for facial rejuvenation with two well renowned doctors, Dr Ines Verner and Professor Leonardo Marini.

Through her presentation entitled ‘Skin Resurfacing Treatments with CO2 Lasers & Combined RF Technologies’, Dr Ines Verner highlighted the importance of a global approach for complete skin rejuvenation technique. She spoke about the well-known combination of medical devices with fillers and Botox® and described the combination therapy with the fractional RF (eTwo® system from Candela) and the CO2 laser (CO2RE® system from Candela) with different peels before and after the laser treatment. Dr Verner emphasised that the synergy of these treatments significantly improved the outcome and showcased some of her before and after results achieved with her patients.

Prof Leonardo Marini’s presentation ‘Successful Next Generation IPL Skin Rejuvenation Modalities’ dealt with the selective waveband technology (SWT®) used on Candela’s Nordlys™ system and how he combined this IPL technology with a fractional 1550nm diode laser for outstanding results. Prof Marini also detailed the importance of combining fractional technologies with peeling to make the penetration deeper and more selective on the skin. He also stated that the present trend among patients willing to improve their cosmetic appearance confirms their demand for a less invasive, less painful, preferably short downtime, but clinically effective procedures. Non-ablative lasers and IPL are at the forefront of technical advances aiming at meeting patients’ desires and expectations. Laser and IPL pulse modulation along with innovative combination strategies seem to be the most successful skin rejuvenation strategy for the next decades.

With this workshop, Candela once again demonstrated their commitment to education and excellence.


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