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At Temple Medical we use EndyMed 3DEEP radiofrequency to deliver clinically significant and long-lasting improvements in cellulite and lax, sagging skin on the body without pain or downtime. Skin laxity is caused by a decrease in the quantity and function of dermal and subdermal collagen fibres [1]. It is linked to ageing, weight changes and pregnancy which weaken the fibrous connective tissue in the skin leading to uneven skin texture and tone and circumference increase.

EndyMed 3DEEP radiofrequency (RF) causes non-destructive heating of the connective tissue within the dermis and subdermis to trigger a collagen remodelling response which leads to improvements in skin structure, tightening of lax and sagging skin, improvements in the appearance of cellulite and circumference reduction [2].

Types of radiofrequency

Multiple RF technologies and devices are available, with varying levels of efficacy and safety. Most devices are monopolar (one electrode) or bipolar (two electrodes); results can be variable and patients are often exposed to high levels of epidermal heating resulting in discomfort [3]. In our experience multi-source RF delivers safe, effective and predictable skin tightening and body contouring.

Multi-source RF (EndyMed 3DEEP; EndyMed Medical Ltd) is a novel CE marked and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) cleared technology that uniquely uses six independently controlled generators to deliver energy deep into the skin through multiple electrodes on the skin surface using specific handpieces for specific areas without overheating its surface. The result is a deep, volumetric heating of the dermis and hypodermis which delivers high level and predictable clinical results with excellent patient comfort and a high safety profile [4].


Figure 1: Before and nine months after a course of six body contouring treatments.
© Josefina Royo De La Torre, MD, Instituto Médico Láser, Madrid, Spain.


Figure 2: Before and after a course of six body contouring treatments.
© Fiona Wright, MD, Plano, Texas, USA.


Multi-source RF clinical evidence

EndyMed 3DEEP has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for face and body skin tightening and body contouring [2,4]. Royo de la Torre et al. investigated the use of multi-source RF for the treatment of skin laxity on the abdominal area. After six sessions there was a significant reduction in the circumference of the treatment area of 2.9cm. Importantly this was sustained at 1.9cm after 12 months demonstrating the long-lasting results of the treatment. There were also significant improvements in visible skin laxity (‘improved-much improved’) at the end of the treatment course, as well as 12 months later.

Of note, this study also used confocal microscopy to assess changes in the skin’s structure following treatment. Significant improvements were demonstrated in epidermal thickness, dermal papillae height and dermal collagen structure, showing the positive changes that multi-source RF treatment can cause in the structure of lax and sagging skin. In our experience we achieve high level skin tightening and circumference reduction of body areas and use the treatment in conjunction with medical dieting to manage the resulting skin laxity.

Performing the treatment

EndyMed body contouring is a straightforward and time-efficient treatment that can be performed by a trained aesthetician, nurse or medical practitioner. Our body protocol uses the NEW Shaper 3D handpiece and a course of eight treatments are carried out over a 12-week period. During the treatment the skin surface temperature is increased to 41-43°C and maintained for six to seven minutes. Sections of approximately 14cm x 14cm are treated consecutively so treatment times vary depending on the size of the treatment area but average 40 minutes. The treatment is comfortable and there is no post-procedure downtime.


Multi-source RF is a safe, effective and predictable treatment for lax and sagging skin and provides significant and long-lasting body contouring results. The risks to the patient are low, there is no pain or downtime and satisfaction rates are high.



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Declaration of competing interests: None declared.




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