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Unwanted fat, cellulite and skin flaccidity are three of the top reasons for consultation in aesthetic medical practices, with body remodeling treatments using non-invasive techniques increasingly in demand.

The TightSculpting treatment with the Fotona SP Dynamis laser allows practitioners to perform a non-invasive body contouring treatment to reduce localised fat, tighten the skin, treat sagging cellulite and cause skin rejuvenation. This is achieved by the use of two wavelengths: Nd:YAG to destroy adipocyte and promote deep skin tightening, and Er:YAG in SMOOTH mode to promote superficial tightening.

This non-invasive technique can be performed at any time of the year, also for face and body area with little or no discomfort and no recovery period. Is a very fast, safe and effective non-invasive alternative to laser lipolysis, with no downtime for patients.



The first step is the treatment of the fat using the robotic L-Runner scanner, specially designed to enable homogeneous and comfortable heating of the fat to achieve an increase in the metabolism of the fat cells and also to promote apoptosis and pyroptosis in the adipocyte cells, which in turn will promote fat destruction and a significant reduction of lipodystrophy.

The parameters are preset in the laser system. We perform five passes around fatty marked areas, working in PIANO mode with the Matrix View monitor to measure the temperature of the skin while treating with the laser. For control of the surface temperature, we used a thermal therapeutic window preset between 37-39ºC and a cooling system to ensure good heat accumulation at the level of the fat.

During this treatment, we increase the temperature of the fat from 6 to 9ºC above that of the skin while administering cooling on the surface. This ensures good heat diffusion into the fat while at the same time making the procedure very comfortable.

At the end of the procedure, the warmed fat will cool down by dissipating of the heat to the surrounding area including the skin, achieving a preheating at this level that will facilitate the caloric accumulation of the second step in the skin.

The second step consists of non-ablative SMOOTH pulses delivered by the T-Runner robotic scanner. We use a pulse called V-Smooth, which is a long pulse of 625ms that enables the achievement of critical temperatures and a precise depth of penetration needed for optimum collagen remodeling and tightening, minimising the risk of burns and making the procedure reproducible.

With T-Runner the use of topical anesthesia is mandatory. We used only one pass with 625ms and 11 stacks in order to achieve a very deep coagulation in the skin up to more than 600um.The risk of complications is minimal and patient satisfaction is high.


- The TightSculpting procedure is efficacious and safe for body shaping.
- Patients are very satisfied with the results.
- Discomfort with the treatment is very well tolerated by patients.
- There were no adverse effects after the treatment.
- This treatment does not cause body weight changes of the treated patients while producing the body sculpting effect.


Declaration of competing interests: None declared.




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