JOURNAL REVIEWED: BURNS – Aug 2017 (ongoing)

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The use of intravenous tPA for the treatment of severe frostbite

Frostbite can lead to severe consequences to a patient, including loss of digits and limbs. It causes tissue injury by causing cell membrane damage through the formation of extracellular ice crystals and by causing vascular thrombosis. It is to reverse...

Nanocrystalline silver compared to alternative silver delivery systems in the management of burns

With the rapid pace of new medical products being developed and marketed, it can be difficult to identify which product will provide most benefit to our patients. It is essential to have good evidence to allow us to make the...

Autologous fat grafting does not improve burn scar appearance

Fat grafting procedure has had a surge in popularity in more recent times. This procedure has been used for many different treatments including management of scars, correction of contour deformities, breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation. However, prospective randomised studies of...

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