Dan Saleh is a Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon at Newcastle Hospitals and the current holder of the Cutler’s Surgical prize, an international prize for innovation in surgery. His work primarily involves head neck and facial surgery, with a particular interest in adult reconstruction.

Dan was a Yorkshire trainee and also spent time as a registrar in plastic and maxillofacial surgery in Cape Town. He was the microsurgery fellow at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. Prior to his consultant appointment he was one of the nationally appointed Cosmetic interface fellows and was selected to be one of the few Dutch facial plastic surgery fellows, with sponsorship from BAPRAS and BAAPs. It was during these posts he developed additional interests in complex septorhinoplasty and oculoplastic surgery that complement his reconstructive work. He attempts to maintain his interest in golf and paddle boards along the Northumberland coast with his family.

JOURNAL REVIEWED: JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery – Feb 2016 (ongoing)

Latest Contribution

Facelifting after radiotherapy for head and neck tumours

This paper sought to determine whether facelifting in patients with prior radiotherapy for head and neck cancer was safe. This study focuses on a small sample of 16 patients matched to controls who were retrospectively assessed for major surgical morbidity....

Three-dimensional visualisation of the human face using DICOM data

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Nanotechnology and regenerative therapeutics in plastic surgery

This review is focussed on how novel nanotech therapeutics can apply to modern plastic surgery. The review does not pose a specific question and, therefore, does not base the review on a particular hypothesis to whether nanotech carries an evidence...